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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B36: Violet|Pink - Charity


Kindness โ€“ compassion and understanding in service.

AFFIRMATION: I let go of all the masks and layers between myself and what I can be.

  • Caring, warmth and kindness toward oneself, extended into the world.
  • Transformation in the context of love.
  • To practically put one's compassion into what one does, in alignment with the greater good.
  • An opportunity to connect with one's service.

Shakes-to: Violet

Keynote: Caring, warmth and kindness towards oneself extended into the world.

72 Angels: Cahetel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body anywhere from the 1st/base/root chakra to the 7th/crown chakra.

Extended Keynote

The compassionate heart becomes a helping hand. Represents a deep level of transformation in the context of love; enables self-love and acceptance (pink) to flower into spiritual love and caring for others (violet) and the willingness to give of ourselves for the greater good. May also help in working with the inner child.

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