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Beautify Skin, Hair and Nails

Silicea strengthens, cleanses and conditions the connective tissues. It helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, deters premature ageing and promotes well-being and tranquility. Its ability to de-crease wrinkles makes it a must for the beauty kit!

Facial Analysis Signs:

  • Wrinkles and “crow’s feet”
  • Balding
  • Shiny, glossy tip of the nose
  • Pimples
  • Eyes may appear deeply sunken in the sockets

Biochemic Mode of Action:

Silicea is very helpful in stress management. It has an insulating effect in the nervous system and is a biochemic protector against invisible electromagnetic smog. It is effective in calming aggression, irritability and oversensitivity to noise or light. AllisOne Silicea in a pure biochemic tissue salt form facilitates the body's natural healing processes, and where necessary assists the body to remove foreign material that the body naturally would seek to eliminate, for example by suppuration. *

Silicea is indicated to assist:

  • Stress
  • Temperamental 'short fuse' that is easily blown
  • 'Whinging' children
  • Involuntary twitching of eyes or muscles
  • Optimal ageing
  • Problem skin
  • Scar tissue and keloids
  • Dull, weak, lifeless hair
  • Hair loss and balding
  • Weak nails
  • Nail biting
  • Boils, abscesses, styes and pimples
  • Healing of connective tissue after operations

* We have had many clients with artificial implants of various kinds use AllisOne Silicea with healthy biocompatibility and connective tissue healing responses. We advise caution in extended use of Silicea in situations where long-term medication is prescribed to prevent the body's rejection of transplanted organs or artificial implants. In these cases, it is better to substitute with Bioplasma, the 12-in-1 combination.

More about Silicea and Implants - Alison's Anecdotes

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