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We offer free delivery options for all orders over R550 in South Africa.

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Lockdown in South Africa - Currently Level 1

We're currently able to deliver AllisOne Tissue Salts and other Online Shop products within South Africa and with slower service than usual internationally. Our offices have resumed our regular hours.

We'll deliver via courier to your door in Main Centres and wherever else possible in SA, or to a suitable Pargo PickUp Point in outlying areas.

The SAPO delivery service has reopened with some limitations on international orders. If you are an international customer, please note that the typical airmail timelines are still not achievable at the moment. All international parcels are collected from the Post Office about once or twice a week, to join the queue to be transported on cargo flights when they have space available. We informed that regular service would only resume when more commercial flights are permitted to land at our international airports.  We can arrange a courier quote for international customers - please contact us regarding this before placing your order. Please also be advised that it is most likely to be subject to customs regulations and additional duties payable in your country.

We're keeping strict protocols regarding hand-sanitising and cleanliness of our working space and equipment for the safety of staff and customers alike. If you would like to visit the health shop, collect an order or arrange for your preferred courier to pick up, please contact us first to arrange an appropriate time to ensure that we'll be available to assist you one at a time. Please wear your cloth mask as per our government recommendations.

Alison is consulting in person, or via Zoom where necessary. Should you wish to book an in-person appointment, we'll need you to

  • complete a screening form and temperature test;
  • observe our sanitising and health safety rules on the premises.

You'll need to keep your mask on other than for a short reveal when requested to, to perform a facial analysis if part of the consultation.

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience in this regard.

Be safe - we wish you and your loved ones the best of health during this challenging time.

*** Please rotate your screen to a landscape view to close the popup window if you're accessing via the Online Shop using a mobile device or tablet. Thanks! ***