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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B0: Royal Blue|Deep Magenta - Spiritual Rescue

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Price: R850.00

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May assist in bringing clarity and insight into one’s feelings about one’s life. Beginning to see one’s part in the creative process.

AFFIRMATION: I love life and life loves me!

Central Theme: The potential for far-reaching vision, that inspires great undertakings. A strong sense of purpose, and commitment.

  • Spiritual wellbeing.
  • The possibility of bringing intuitive insight into the practicalities of everyday life.
  • Possibly useful for people who wake up feeling as though they were trying to solve the problems of the world in their sleep state, whether they are aware of it or not.
  • Helps to bring about a sense of deep peace and energy at times of resource depletion.
  • Could also be helpful to support the journey of the 'Dark Night of the Soul'.

Shakes-to: Deep Magenta

Keynote: Clarity in our feelings about the spiritual self and our part in the creative process of life.

Tarot: Outward Journey of the Fool (B22)

Set: Rescue Set

How to Use: Apply on the area of the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows, and along the entire hairline around the ears to the nape of the neck.

Extended Keynote

Brings about the possibility of gaining intuitive insight (royal blue) into the practicalities of everyday life. The deep magenta energy of 'Love From Above' can assist us to put our caring and warmth into the little things. Potentially useful for people who are of assistance to others during the night, whether in their awareness or not. Brings a sense of deep peace and energy when our resources seem depleted.

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