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De-Crease and Uplift

Beauty Synergy enhances skin of all ages and conditions - normal, oily or dry; it also conditions the hair and nails. The blend of tissue salts in Beauty Synergy support the integrity of the skin by nourishing it internally to support the elasticity, collagen and the connective tissues. Helps to restore balance and counteract skin blemishes, dryness, itchiness or oiliness. Use for a period of time in order to achieve results, every time you apply your skincare products.

Beauty Synergy is an excellent tonic for skin, hair and nails and contains the equivalent of six individual tissue salts:

  • Kali Mur -  Builds and regenerates soft tissues of the body
  • Calc Fluor - Helps to maintain elasticity of the skin
  • Kali Sulph - Collagen building skin conditioner
  • Nat Phos - The acid neutraliser, helps to normalise under or over oily skin conditions
  • Silicea - Considered the biochemic cosmetic surgeon, helps to reduce crow's feet and other signs of ageing
  • Nat Mur - Hydrates the skin - the inner moisturiser

For troubled teenage skin or adult acne, we suggest that you add Calc Sulph or the Pure Synergy tissue salts when experiencing breakouts.

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