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Tissue Salts

Create your health from the inside-out.
Dr Schuessler

Biochemic tissue salts were first formulated in the 1870’s, the evolution of the pioneering work of great European scientists and physicians such as Binet, Moleschott, Von Liebig, Virchow and ultimately WH Schuessler. Their work led to the understanding that inorganic (mineral) material is essential to health and to life itself.

Schuessler identified and formulated twelve mineral tissue salts and his research concluded that a lack of any of these leads to disturbances in cellular metabolism and eventually a deterioration of health. If the correct tissue salts are regularly supplemented in a form that the cells can utilize, they begin to regain their ability to function normally – health and well-being improves.

The “Chemistry of Life” or Biochemic System of Health Science was born.

Mineral Energies

AllisOne ColourAstro Biochemic Tissue Salts are minerals in an energy form. Mineral energies are functional components of every living cell, and should be derived from raw organic plant foods grown in ideal conditions. We no longer eat food grown in the Garden of Eden and commercial farming in our time uses added chemicals and artificial treatment of the soil, creating unnatural growing conditions. The mineral and vitamin content of plant foods has diminished to levels unable to sustain healthy cellular resonance.

Tissue Salts and Medication

Tissue salts do not directly address or combat disease and as such should not be considered medications. They assist the natural self-healing, cleansing and regenerating ability of the body by providing the essential nutritional inorganic constituents to the cells in order to rebalance and re-energize.

AllisOne tissue salts are extremely safe and gentle preparations of substances found naturally in the body, thus do not interfere with or counteract the effects of any medication, treatment or supplementation. When chewed or dissolved in the mouth they absorb directly through the oral membranes into the bloodstream, becoming bioavailable immediately. The cells absorb what they need to by virtue of their affinity. As the cellular imbalances are corrected by tissue salt supplementation over a period of time, most people experience an improvement in energy, well-being and relief of discomfort.

Facial Analysis

The first physical signs of a lack of tissue salts appear in the face, long before we experience it in the body. By analyzing the face and supplementing with the appropriate tissue salts it is possible to correct the imbalance at a cellular level, enabling the body to re-energize itself from within. As the cellular deficits are repaid,the face begins to change, taking on a healthy glow, tone and texture, and easing the signs of ageing. You can learn to identify the various facial signs for yourself, becoming conscious of your requirements from the outside-in.

e = mc2 ~ Albert Einstein

Einstein’s famous equation tells us that energy (e) has a particle quality of mass (m) and a quality of light (c). AllisOne tissue salts are mineral energies, they too have particle and light qualities. Our experience has shown that even before the face begins to show signs of mineral deficiency or we begin to feel off-colour, the bio-energetic field becomes stressed. The visible light frequencies – resonant colours – we are most attracted to give us energetic information about the tissue salts that would be most supportive at the time.

Using AllisOne tissue salts has an effect not only upon the cells and tissues of the body, but also upon restoring the integrity of the bio-energetic field. This approach allows us to utilize here-and-now information, maintaining current energy requirements and helping to prevent depletion that with time results in facial or physical changes – a similar idea to recognizing the current account expenditure and making sure it doesn’t go into overdraft.

Made with love and intention that you become the star you are.