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Equilibrium B22 Yellow over Pink
Availability: Pre-Order

Price: $118.00

The Rebirther's Bottle: Awakening

A new beginning for joy and self-acceptance.

AFFIRMATION: I breathe in love and I breathe out love fully.

  • A rebirth in spirit.
  • Living with a different awareness of the game of life.

Shakes-to: Pale Coral

Keynote: A renewal of spirit through joy and self-acceptance.

Tarot: Return Journey of the Fool (B0)

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body at the 3rd/solar plexus level.

Extended Keynote

A rebirth and awakening of Spirit within the self, bringing a new awareness or perception of life. Through warmth, kindness and acceptance towards ourselves, unconditional love and caring (pink) is expressed with a new understanding of how to live even an ordinary life with awareness and joy (yellow).

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