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About Alison

AllisOne Health & Well-Being
Ali Profile
Alison Effting
Dip.Diag.Rad(SA) dip.Bio.Med(D) T.ASIACT(UK)

CEO of AllisOne Products and founder of the Biochemic Institute of SA, Alison is a bio-energetic natural health practitioner - teacher in the modalities of Tissue Salts and Aura-Soma®. Based in Claremont, Cape Town, she presents her biochemic workshops locally and internationally. Her original lactose-free range of AllisOne tissue salts (2005) and Synergy combinations (2011) are available in health stores and exported to the EU and Japan.

Alison is chair of the Association of Aura-Soma Practitioners of Southern Africa (AASPSA) and has served on the executive committee of COCHASA (Confederation of Complemetary Health Associations of South Africa) since 1999.

Alison initially trained and qualified as a radiographer in 1982, graduating as the best all round radiographer of her class. Her interest in complementary therapies ignited when she came across Biochemic Tissue Salts as an answer to a personal health crisis in 1993 that had not responded to conventional treatment. She went on to study Dr WH Schuessler's Biochemic System of Medicine, incorporating facial analysis. Further studies saw her qualify as an Aura-Soma Colour Consultant (1996) and Teacher (2000). A lifelong interest in Astrology took her formally into this field in 2006, and she attained her Diploma in Astrological Studies with distinction in 2008 (Rod Suskin School of Astrology).

Alison’s area of interest lies in the interface of matter and energy (chemical and radiant), and how we are able to understand and optimize our health and wellbeing in terms of these subtle energies.

A Little More about Alison

Thank you for being interested in who I am. I am passionate about tissue salts, Aura-Soma and astrology, and this keeps me constantly interested in life. You can read all about most of that on the rest of the website. Besides my business profile, I have a personal life and many other interests!

I was born in South Africa and, after completing high school, spent a year as an exchange student in Brookville PA and graduated with the class of 1979. I returned and trained at Johannesburg Hospital as a radiographer, and graduated in 1982, the same year I got married to my husband Andy. We moved to Cape Town, where we have been blessed with two (now adult) children and wonderful friends.

My life journey changed direction when I fell ill with hepatitis in 1993, and 9 months later my energy had still not returned. Tissue Salts and Aura-Soma Colour fell into the path of synchronicities at the time and transformed my life.

I enjoy keeping fit by cycling and various exercises, love walks in nature, moon gardening in my permaculture veggie patch and keeping free range chickens for organic eggs. I read a lot, these days mostly about archetypes in myth and legends, ancient history and civilizations – novels that include these elements are my favourite. I am fortunate to travel in sharing my work, and this has taken me on some amazing adventures meeting wonderful friends in special and sacred lands on the planet.

I support the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which brings many elements of my interests together in an incredible cultural and environmental conservation model based in the Timbavati, which derives from the ancient Tsonga words ‘Tsimba’ meaning Lions, ‘Vaati’ meaning ‘of the stars’. The Trust is not just about saving the lions, but an African heritage. Their work extends into the well-being of the local communities surrounding the project, and thus addresses the balance of nature between humans, animals and the environment. I am blessed to have connected with the Star Lions of South Africa and hope that some day you may experience it too.