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First Aid and Anti-Allergy

Immuno Synergy assists in supporting the function of the immune and respiratory systems. It is a suitable tonic for those who suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies, and for those with stressed immune systems. Helps to reduce inflammation and aids in the prevention of recurrent colds and flu. This combination of tissue salts is helpful in the management of cold sores (fever blisters), colds and influenza*; rhinitis and sinusitis**; hayfever and postnasal drip***.

Immuno Synergy contains the equivalent of five individual tissue salts:

  • Calc Sulph - helps to maintain the cell membrane integrity
  • Silicea - strengthens and cleanses the connective tissues
  • Nat Mur - the water balancer, helps with runny noses and streaming eyes
  • Ferrum Phos - the biochemic anti-inflammatory, helps to oxygenate and counteract infections
  • Kali Mur - helps to regulate mucus and maintain the mucous membranes

Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist after *1 week; **3 weeks; ***6 weeks.