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Equilibrium B35 Pink over Violet
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Price: $118.00

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Loving Kindness

Getting closer to the spiritual through love.

AFFIRMATION: I am in a transformational process, and as I transform myself I offer others the possibility of transformation.

  • Transformative.
  • Detachment - letting go.
  • Unconditional love in the service of others.
  • A deep sense of wholeness, love from above.
  • As one accepts oneself more consciously, one allows more in the acceptance of others.

Shakes-to: Violet

Keynote: Transformative and unconditional love in the service of others. Love from above.

72 Angels: Hariel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body anywhere from the 1st/base/root chakra to the 7th/crown chakra.

Extended Keynote

The ability to bring warmth, kindness and acceptance for the self (pink) into service for others (violet) through detachment. The shake-to colour of violet and the aspect of kindness offer a way in to deeper understanding and compassion, with the possibility of transformation for ourselves and others. As we proceed with loving kindness, love from above continues to pour into us and through us wherever compassion and transformation are needed. May also help in working with the inner child.

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