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Equilibrium B11 Clear over Pink
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Price: $118.00

B11 A Chain of Flowers

Taking responsibility for thoughts and feelings.

AFFIRMATION: I love myself the way I am.

  • Also known as the Essene Bottle 1
  • The gentle strength of self-acceptance
  • Clarity of mind ensues from the deeper levels of self-acceptance
  • Warmth, tenderness and compassion bring about self-acceptance
  • A channel for unconditional love in the world
  • To get a feeling for what unconditional love and self-acceptance is about
  • Clarity concerning love
  • The beginnings of love
  • The potential for clarity in the conscious mind

Shakes-to: Pale Pink

Keynote: Taking responsibility for the thoughts and feelings.

Tarot: Outward Journey of Strength (B89)

Set: New Aeon Child Set; Rescue Set; Tantric Illumination Set (All Chakras)

How to Use: Apply around the entire abdominal area. May also be applied around the body in the area of the 4th/heart chakra.

Extended Keynote

The beginnings of love also called the Love Rescue, B11 shines a light (clear) on the 'isness' of being through self-acceptance (pink). Brings clarity of mind from deeper levels of warmth, tenderness and compassion toward the self, and thus the ability to offer these qualities to others. The clear signifies an understanding of suffering which can lead to transcendence and the illumination and blossoming of all our chakra energy centres to form an inner 'Chain of Flowers'.

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