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Equilibrium B89 Red over Deep Magenta
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Price: $118.00

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Energy Rescue | Time Shift

A time-shift, a gateway to a new understanding and a new possibility toward enthusiastic well-being.

Energy Rescue | Time Shift: I am open to seeing the creativity in all the aspects of life that present themselves to me.

  • A new paradigm, a window or portal. To begin to bring that new paradigm into being: Time as Art.
  • Awaken to the love within existence.
  • The renewal of energy, a letting go of disconnectedness or separation.
  • Helps to bring the body-mind together again during states of disconnectedness.

Shakes-to: Deep Magenta

Keynote: A gateway to a new understanding; a paradigm shift to time as art and life as enthusiastic well being.

Tarot: Return Journey of Strength (B11)

Set: Rescue Set. Tantric Illumination Set

72 Angels: Reohael

How to Use: Apply in a band around the lower abdominal area. May also include the legs and feet. As this combination may be energising, apply it a few hours before bedtime.

Extended Keynote

Represents a window or portal to a new paradigm: a shift from the energy of time as money to time as art and the opportunity to express qualities of personal touch and caring in whatever we do. As we awaken to the love from above dwelling within our depths (deep magenta), we experience a renewal of energy (red) and may begin to realise our potential in everyday life and the opportunities that life presents to us moment by moment.

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