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Equilibrium B12 Clear over Blue
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Price: $118.00

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B12 Peace in the New Aeon

An initiation. Shining the light on nurturing faith and peace.

AFFIRMATION: As I honour the peace within I am open to the light.

  • Inspired, enlightened, peaceful and friendly communication.
  • Clarity for peace to come about.
  • Clarity in relation to communications.
  • Maybe helpful where there are issues relating to difficulties with communication.
  • Useful for a child that has difficulty speaking.

Shakes-to: Pale Blue

Keynote: An initiation which shines a light on nurturing, faith and peace.

Tarot: Outward Journey of the Hanged Man - B90

Set: New Aeon Child Set

How to Use: Apply around the entire 5th/throat chakra area.

Extended Keynote

Brings light from above (clear) into our depths to inspire clarity, communication, peace and creativity (blue). May stimulate an initiatory process, the integration of which may help us tap into our intuition and inspiration and the ability to communicate these to others.

Supportive products that may be used with this bottle

  • Sapphire Blue Pomander
  • El Morya Quintessence
  • Blue Colour Essence
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