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ScarScience Gel 15ml: Manage Scar Healing

Brand: Sirius
Availability: In Stock

Price: R250.00

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Recommended for all skin types, ScarScience™ is safe for all ages, including infants and children.

ScarScience is a unique, topical scar management programme scientifically formulated by a team of plastic surgeons to improve the outcome of a scar. It addresses the main concerns in scar management, including:

  • Moisture and hydration: contains silicone, an effective hydrating agent that creates a protective barrier to seal moisture in
  • Collagen maturation: promotes the formation of the right type of collagen and collagen arrangement
  • Controlled inflammation: its anti-inflammatory properties promote healing and assist in managing scarring
  • External support with micropore tape that reduces tension on the scar.

Available Sizes

  • 15ml Gel only with no micropore tape
  • 50ml Gel with 24mm white micropore tape is also available

Use ScarScience for

  • Stretch marks
  • Redness after laser peel treatments
  • Acne scars that are still active
  • Minor and significant injury wound or trauma scars
  • Caesarian section and other post-operative scars
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery scars

How to Apply ScarScience

You are likely to achieve a better result using ScarScience with micropore tape. Taping supports the wound externally, stimulating the fibroblast cells to deposit collagen in an orderly manner for better scar healing. The porous tape allows the ScarScience gel to permeate through to the underlying scar.  You should continue taping for 2 - 6 weeks, depending on the scar and apply ScarScience until the redness of the blemish disappears. 

  • Do not apply to open wounds.
  • Start applying Scarscience once your wound edges have healed; usually about two weeks after an injury or operation.
  • Apply the Micropore tape over the clean and dry scar area.
  • Apply the ScarScience gel over the micropore tape twice daily.
  • Only replace the tape when it comes away from the wound on its own, approximately every 3-5 days.
  • The longer you can use the tape when applying ScarScience, the better your wound will heal.
  • After the redness disappears, or if you find the taping process too cumbersome, you can discontinue the use of the tape and apply the gel on its own, until the scar heals.
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