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MEBO Moist Exposed Burn Ointment 15g

Brand: Julphar
Availability: In Stock

Price: R220.00

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Moist Exposed Burn Ointment

MEBO is a safe and effective ointment for the treatment of burns, skin ulcers and other skin conditions, cracked heels, nipples and mucous membrane wounds. It is of pure herbal edible origin, and safe for pregnant women and nursing infants.

MEBO is indicated for the topical management of

  • Superficial and partial-thickness (second-degree) local burns and skin ulcers
  • Superficial acute wounds, cuts and scratches
  • Wound dressings after surgical procedures and certain skin peeling procedures
  • Dried and cracked heels, cracked nipples and mucous membrane wounds

MEBO's action

  • Promotes and expedites the regeneration and repair of epithelial cells with exceptionally acceptable cosmetic results
  • Provides the optimum physiological moisture necessary for skin healing
  • Induces an anti-inflammatory effect, thus reducing swelling and redness as a result of injury or burns
  • Isolates and protects exposed nerve endings, helping to reduce pain
  • Provides nutrition for wound bed cells
  • Liquefies dead tissue
  • Reduces loss of body fluids
  • Absorbs residual heat in the affected area

How to Use

  • Superficial and partial-thickness local burns and acute wounds
    A thin layer (about 1mm) of MEBO should be applied as soon as possible over the affected area and reapply 3 times daily.
    It is best to keep the wound exposed.
    If necessary, apply a light dressing with a thicker (about 3mm) layer of the MEBO ointment once daily.
  • Skin Ulcers
    Impregnate a sterile gauze with MEBO and fill the ulcer cavity. Reapply once daily or as necessary.
  • Cracked heels, cracked nipples and mucous membrane wounds
    Apply a thin layer of MEBO onto the affected area under a light pad and renew 3 times daily. MEBO is safe for the nursing infant.

Side Effects and Precautions

No unwanted effects have been reported so far, except for very rare allergic reactions to sesame oil. 
MEBO should not be used in individuals who have experienced hypersensitivity to beta-sitosterol, sesame oil or beeswax.
There are no known symptoms of overdose.


Beta-Sitosterol 0.25%  (plant sterol ester), Sesame Oil, Beeswax

Alison on 09-21-2019 02:21 PM
I absolutely love this product and am delighted that it is available again. I keep a tube handy in my kitchen, for those oil splashes, water scalds and oven burns that occur as cooking accidents. I've also used it successfully on my face and body to treat sunburn. Last year it really helped my mother to treat the skin damage and burns resulting from radiation treatment. This is an amazing product that I consider an essential in any first-aid kit.
Sandy on 07-02-2020 12:34 PM
This product is amazing for burns and blisters. Highly recommend it.
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