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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B83: Turquoise|Gold - Open Sesame

Open Sesame

The process of individuation in relation to the star of incarnation; where we find the wisdom of the past expressed through the creative communication of the heart.

AFFIRMATION: I am open to the wisdom that is revealing itself to me, that I may share it from my heart.

  • Insightful creativity opens the door to individuation.
  • Opening the door as a new aeon begins to dawn, where the ancient wisdom is re-evaluated in the sense of discrimination.
  • Communication through the feeling side of the being, to connect with the many rather than the few.

Shakes-to: Olive Green

Keynote: The process of individuation awakens the incarnational star. The wisdom of the past is expressed through the creative communication of the heart.

Tarot: Return Journey of the Hierophant (B5)

72 Angels: Vehuiah

How to Use: Apply around the entire trunk of the body.

Extended Keynote

The teacher opening the doors of the ancient wisdom re-evaluated in relation to discrimination and creatively expressed through the feeling side of our being. A communication offered to the many rather than the few.

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