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Equilibrium B5 Yellow over Red
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Price: $118.00

B5 Sunrise-Sunset

The opportunity to use our wisdom concerning the energies that we carry.

AFFIRMATIONI open myself to the joy in life.

  • Helps to utilise available energy wisely.
  • Energy expressed from within the depths of self.
  • The energy to express the knowledge we carry in the conscious mind.
  • A bottle of awakening brings energy which needs to be used consciously with watchfulness.
  • Someone whose purpose is to share the light with others, to pass on the wisdom of the past in a new way, and the energy to do that.

Shakes-to: Orange

Keynote: The way we use the energy to express our wisdom.

Tarot: Outward Journey of the Hierophant (B83)

Set: Chakra Set (1st/root/base chakra)

How to Use: Apply around the lower abdomen, legs and feet.

Extended Keynote

A potent bottle of awakening (red) the energy of which to be used consciously and mindfully. For those whose purpose is to share the light with others, offering knowledge and wisdom of the past in a new way with the appropriate energy. 'Sunrise/sunset' suggests that each day brings a renewed present, the opportunity and vitality to deal with life anew. The yellow relates specifically to the taking in of light through the solar plexus. Red signifies the awakening of light (kundalini) in the base/root chakra, bringing a sense of re-vitalisation.

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