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Equilibrium B48 Violet over Clear
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Price: $118.00

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Wings of Change

An understanding of the light within the depths of the self. A transformation in the conscious mind.

AFFIRMATION: The nourishing light comes to me. I feel fulfilled.

  • Finding clarity in relation to the purpose of one's life.
  • To bring clarity to one's spiritual understanding.
  • Transforming the suffering related to carrying grief.

Shakes-to: Lilac

Keynote: An understanding of the light within the depths of the self. Transformation in the conscious mind.

72 Angels: Leuviah

How to Use: Apply along the hairline.

Extended Keynote

Brings a pure and uplifting "angel-light" into the depths of our being (clear lower fraction) to support the emergence of spirituality and profound transformation (violet). Helps to transmute the energies of loss and to bring an understanding of the causes of suffering, freeing us to perceive our higher/true purpose and its practical application in service to the light and to the world.

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