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Aura-Soma Serapis Bey Quintessence 25ml

Clearing the Past to be Present.


The Clear colour is associated with suffering and the understanding of suffering. In shining the light upon a subject we may perceive it is not what we first believed it to be. Serapis Bey allows us to shine the light upon past experience so that we may have more clarity in the present. Serapis Bey is useful for therapists to clear the space between sessions, and to protect, harmonize and seal the aura of a client that they may more fully integrate the experience. It is also helpful in detoxification on all levels.

HOW TO USE: Place 3 drops on your left wrist and gently rub the wrists together. Reach up above your head, offering the energies to the world, and then pass the hands through the aura crossing the wrists over each energy centre, folding the energies around you. Pause for a few moments over the heart centre before continuing on, eventually offering the energies to the earth. Bring the hands back up in a backward spiral motion until you extend them above your head again, offering them to the world. Finally bring the palms together at the forehead and inhale three times deeply from between the wrists. Use as often as you wish.

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