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Equilibrium B30 Blue over Red
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Bringing Heaven To Earth

The possibility of bringing a new quality into life.

AFFIRMATION: I see my head in heaven, my feet on the earth, through resting my attention at the centre of my being.

  • Awakening to the communication of peace.
  • Can refer to a long forgotten promise to bring heaven to earth through a desire for peace and harmony.
  • Energy to communicate what needs expression.
  • By making peace conscious, we awaken our potential.

Shakes-to: Violet

Keynote: Head in heaven, feet on the earth. Awakening to the communication of peace.

72 Angels: Daniel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the entire trunk of the body and the area of the 5th/throat chakra.

Extended Keynote

Represents clarity and peace in the conscious mind (blue) supported by the energy, strength and grounding that comes with our feet on the earth (red). The shaken-to colour violet indicates that as these energies combine within us, there is a possibility for an awakening through a new perception and transformation. Thus, heavenly possibilities are brought to the earth plane to be actualised and communicated. Can refer to a soul promise to bring heaven to earth through the desire for harmony and peace.

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Price: $118.00
Price: $118.00
Price: $118.00
Price: $118.00