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Equilibrium B31 Green over Gold
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Price: $118.00

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The Fountain

The wisdom of the heart. Overcoming deep fear.

AFFIRMATION: I let go of all the sensations of fear and anxiety and open myself to a new light shining in my heart.

  • Heartfelt wisdom.
  • Making space for joy to arise from the depths within the self.
  • Overcoming obstacles constructively by allowing the expression of inner wisdom.
  • Emotional insight and balance.

Shakes-to: Olive

Keynote: The wisdom from the heart, making space for the deepest joy to spring from within the depths of the self.

72 Angels: Asaliah

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body, in the areas of the navel and the 4th/heart chakra.

Extended Keynote

As the wisdom within (gold) is given the space to flow through the heart (green), we may more fully understand our place and purpose in life. Deep insight into the wisdom of the heart may be expressed with a renewed sense of harmony and deep joy.

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