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Golden Turmeric & Cocao Hot Chocolate: 125g | 18 servings

Brand: Taka Health
Availability: In Stock

Price: R95.00

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Turmeric & Coconut Hot Chocolate

Delicious chocolate and creamy coconut, layered with raw cacao, maca and warming spices, for a luxuriously cosy feeling.

With a little black pepper and coconut, to activate and absorb the goodness of turmeric. 


To make a tasty, health-boosting smoothie, add 2 teaspoons of this mix to a mug with a little hot water and make a paste. Then add more hot water or milk and sweeten to taste. This natural spice blend may create some sediment.


100% Organic Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder, Cocoa, Cacao, Turmeric, Ceylon Cinnamon, Maca, Ginger, Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Clove.

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