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Aura-Soma Yellow Pomander 25ml

Fun and Laughter

Keynote: Fun, laughter and self-knowledge.

Fragrance: Fruity, Lemony, Forest

Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Citronella, Melisssa, Verbena

Crystal Energies: Topaz

Chakra: Third/Solar Plexus


  • Carries the joyful, sparkling energy of sunlight and revitalisation and may help to access the inner light of intuition and self-knowledge.
  • Useful in all situations where there is a lack of sunlight to brighten the atmosphere around us.
  • May also help to assimilate the life-force energies of Prana through the solar plexus and bring the joy back into life.
  • As an air conditioner has been known to help to revitalise and uplift group energies and dynamics.

Yellow brings in the sunshine and acts as an antidote to the blues, nervousness and anxiety. It can help to unlock a sense of remarkable happiness and allay feelings of negativity, cynicism, repulsion or depression. It can have an uplifting effect when we suffer from a lack of sunlight and feel like hibernating. Yellow helps us to develop self-knowledge, and assists us in learning. It is supportive in breaking patterns of addiction and detoxifying.

HOW TO USE: Place 3 drops in the palm of the left hand, rub the hands together and pass them through the aura - front, back and sides - then inhale three times deeply from between the palms. Use as often as desired.

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