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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B108: Mid-Turquoise|Mid-Olive - Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel

 Through the stillness comes the communication of love and truth from the heart.

AFFIRMATION: Letting go of the past brings changes of perspective so that I may communicate through a loving and truthful heart.

  • Clarity of perception.
  • Restoration of hope.
  • An accompanier or companion in the transition from one state to another.
  • To bring ease and grace to one's situation.
  • The care in the letting go!

Shakes-to: Turquoise to Mid Green

Keynote: Through the stillness and the letting go comes the communication of love and truth from the heart.

Set: Archangel Set

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body between the 3rd/solar plexus chakra and the 5th/throat chakra.

Extended Keynote

Represents a new level of hope and clarity through the olive energy which can help us to let go of the past. As we release self-judgement and trust our intuition, we are able to be more discerning about our role in the world and our relationship with the earth. In our progress along the journey of individuation (turquoise), we may experience heightened creativity through the co-creation of love and truth in the 'heart within the heart'.

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