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Equilibrium B102 Deep Olive over Deep Magenta
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Price: $118.00

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Archangel Samael

O-live! Rescue of Hope in the face of difficulty. Samael the Archangel reminds us not to deny what we don't want to see.

AFFIRMATION: I re-evaluate my beliefs and ideas, and I see a new sense of hope in the midst of the conditions of life.

  • O-live, where we find a new beginning in relation to the hope within ourselves. Upon what do we build the foundations of our lives?
  • To let go of the bitterness of the past, to trust the truth that gives the ground for one to build anew.

Shakes-to: Deep Magenta

Keynote: O-live, where we may find a new beginning for hope within ourselves and a new foundation for our lives.

Set: Archangel Set

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body from the 3rd/solar plexus to the 4th/heart chakra.

Extended Keynote

Can help to illuminate where we have built structures in our lives that create a false sense of security and undermine our vitality for life. Loss can make way for something new to come as we let go of the bitterness of the past and trust the truth that can give us ground to build anew. Deep magenta helps to bring love from above into our subconscious shadow areas, while the deep olive helps to deepen feminine intuition in our conscious mind and offer a guiding light of hope toward the future. Archangel Samael has been attributed to The Tower tarot card which indicates a complete re-evaluation of the circumstances of life. Therefore the positive potential offered by Samael energy is to live, by first accepting and then releasing those things that we find most difficult in ourselves, that we may embrace a new sense of hope, freedom and love of life.

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