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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B66: Pale Violet|Pink - The Actress

The Actress

To detach from our conditioning to be able to see the actors upon the stage of the self.

AFFIRMATION: I am happy as I pay attention to who it is that appears on the stage of my life.

  • One plays many parts, as long as one does not believe them to be who one is.
  • To have a centre of ease within the structure that exists around the core of oneself.
  • To know oneself by the way one does things, rather than by the things one does.
  • Also called 'The Victoria' bottle

Shakes-to: Pale Violet-Magenta

Keynote: Detachment from our conditioned responses that we may recognise the actors upon the stage of the self.

72 Angels: Caliel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body in the abdominal area and along the hairline.

Extended Keynote

Represents the self-care and compassion (pale pink) to enable detachment from the conditioning that we may see the different parts we play on the stage of the self. As we come to understand the different roles we take on in our own lives it may enable us to express more caring and compassion towards others and the roles they play in both their lives and ours. The pale violet energy encourages alchemical transmutation of self; the pink supports detachment that we may bridge the gap between what is on the inside and what is on the outside. This combination supports us in finding our role in the quality we can bring to each moment by the way we do what we do rather than what we do.

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