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Equilibrium B50 Pale Blue over Pale Blue
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El Morya

Thy will, not my will.

AFFIRMATION: I say to myself quietly and within the depth of myself, "Thy Will, not mine."

  • Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole.
  • Being able to get out of the way to allow communication to come through, rather than from, the self.
  • A sense of accord through allowing oneself to be what one is.
  • A deep sense of peace within the being.
  • The ability to trust the peace, bring light to the peace - to relax and know that what is communicated is what one needs to do.
  • Insight into 'Thy Will', the higher will, in relation to what is asked of one.
  • I will that Thy Will be done through me.

Shakes-to: Pale Blue

Keynote: Thy will not my will. Allowing communication from above to come through the self.

Set: Master Set

72 Angels: Ahaiah

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body in the area of the 5th/throat chakra, which corresponds to the higher will centre.

Extended Keynote

Represents the pale blue colour ray of ascended consciousness which supports the expression of higher will within our humanity. Fosters a deep sense of inner peace and a sense of accord through allowing oneself to 'be'. Brings an intensification of light as faith and trust, which allows the flow of heaven and earth within us expressed as our greatest spiritual potential: "I will that thy will be done through me".

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