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Equilibrium B43 Turquoise over Turquoise
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Creative expression of feeling allows the journey of individuation to unfold.

AFFIRMATION: I am in the flow. I let go of everything that restricts my awareness of the flow of life.

  • The unfolding process of individuation.
  • The discovery of creativity within oneself.
  • The possibility of transcending the self to embrace the collective.
  • Heartfelt communication through art and the media in relation to the future.
  • Listening to the heart.

Shakes-to: Turquoise

Keynote: Creative communication through the feeling side of being as the process of individuation unfolds.

Set: New Aeon Chakra Set (Ananda Khanda chakra, sometimes referred to as the 4½ chakra or the Abode of Bliss.)

72 Angels: Iah-hel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body encompassing the 4th/heart chakra and 5th/throat chakra.

Extended Keynote

Represents the emergence and expression of creativity (turquoise in the conscious) through the journey of individuation from our depths (turquoise in the subconscious). As the truth of the heart is communicated through creative pursuits, there is greater access to the collective unconscious and an ability to express the all through the one in both the simple and great things of life. Signifies collective individuation and the rise of humanitarian interdependence in the Aquarian Age.

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