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Aura-Soma Equilibrium B19: Red|Violet - Living in the Material World

Living in the Material World

The renewal of our bodies takes place when we change our thinking to build up new energy.

AFFIRMATION: I say 'yes' to all that life has to offer. I say 'yes' to myself.

  • Regeneration of energy.
  • An idealist who may have misplaced their vision.
  • Re-energizing the mind and transforming within.

Shakes-to: Magenta

Keynote: The re-energising of the body and material life through a change in our thinking.

Tarot: Outward Journey of the Sun (B97)

How to Use: Apply around the lower abdomen and lower back area; also along the hairline. Not to be used too late in the day as it may be over-energising.

Extended Keynote

Helps the regeneration of energy through a shift in awareness. The red (material) over the purple (spiritual) reminds us that we are here to spiritualise the process of living in the world, so that whatever our circumstance or condition we may be rejuvenated by the ever-present spirit that supports us from above and within. May indicate a sense of wishing to create an ideal circumstance or condition that may not be in accord with what is.

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