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White Lion Candle: Pillar Landscape
White Lion Trust
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R 300.00


Dedicated to the White Lions of the Timbavati

Living legends who are here to support and enlighten us.
May the Spirit of the radiant White Lion bring love and courage to your heart!

Hand poured, Unique and made from Pure Essential Oils

Each candle is hand poured and unique; made with the purest of essential oils that release their fragrance as the candle burns down through the colour layers. Created by master chandler Peter Neumann with the synergetic collaboration of Linda Tucker, Alison Effting and Simone Rosenberg. Proceeds of the sale of these candles go to the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

White Lion Candle Range

White - White Lion
'Moon' essential oil perfume blend.
Blue - Sky reflected in the Lions' Eyes; Stillness
Elemi, Amyris and Cananga.
Yellow-Green - Landscape
Grapefruit, Benqoin, Verti-vert.
Gold - Christ theme: Enlightened World Teachers
Amber blend, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Pink - Unconditional Love
Geranium in a rose blend.
Violet - Grounding the White Lion Vision, Practical Transformation,
Ancient Consciousness, Strength, Endurance

Baobab oil, Atlas cedar in 'woods' blend.

Burning time of the Pillar Landscape Candle is approximately 12-15 hours in still conditions - trim the wick if necessary.


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