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Welcome to the White Lion Emporium!

Mandla and Zukhara

All proceeds from the sale of items in the White Lion Emporium are donated to
the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT).

Lions, Land and People

If the lion is the king of the beasts, the White Lion stands at the apex of the pyramid of the animal kingdom. By protecting this king of kings, we help to bring protection to all the animals that fall within the biosphere below them.

The White Lions are significant to the tribal elders and shamans of the Timbavati, who foretold of their coming for the last few centuries and welcomed them with joy. Tragically they have been turned into commodities for human amusement and unethical slaughter. White Lions have been removed from their natural homeland to zoos and breeding facilities where many end up on the canned hunting or captive-bred lion hunting lists.

The work of the WLT extends far beyond just saving the White Lions and returning them to their natural habitat. The WLT under the leadership of Linda Tucker and Jason Turner have successfully rehabilitated previously captive lions to hunt and exist naturally in prides, proving many of the contemporary legends about their inability to live in the wild wrong. The project is about environmental sustainability, human co-existence with wild animals, and opposing captive bred and canned hunting practices affecting ALL the lions in South Africa. The WLT outreach projects extend to the local communities, where the children learn of their natural heritage and are encouraged by the strength and majesty of the lion to seek those qualities within themselves; helping to build lion-hearted leaders of tomorrow.

AllisOne proudly supports the conservation philosophy of the White Lion Trust.
Your contribution to supporting the Global White Lion Protection Trust by making a donation or purchasing items is gratefully received on their behalf.

White Lion Trust

White Lion Trust