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Aura-Soma Yellow AirCon: 100ml

Yellow - Fun, laughter and self-knowledge

Fragrance: Fruity, Lemony, Forest

Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Citronella, Melisssa, Verbena

Designed to be sprayed in your space, at home or at work.

Antidote to the blues, anxiety and nervousness.

  • Brings in the sunshine and unlocks joy.
  • Helps in SAD - seasonal affective disorder.
  • Calms fears, anxiety and tension.
  • Useful for jetlag.
  • Helps mental nervousness and anxiety.
  • Great to support studying and the assimilation of knowledge.

HOW TO USE: On first use, spray once into each corner of the room and once into the centre of the room. Thereafter refresh by spraying into the room as often as required or desired.

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