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An African Legend: White Lions and Marine Mammals - Michele Stewart

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Michelle Stewart

A compilation of inspired poems and other creative works in support of the conservation of White Lions and Marine Mammals. Softcover.


This 2nd in the 'An African Legend' series is yet again a celebration of humanity and the love it shows for the featured animals. Being White Lions and all Marine Mammals. All proceeds yet again go straight to the on-the-ground conservation organisations to ensure the protection of these beings. Talented people across the world were inspired to submit their designs, poems and artwork. Walk through these pages with us and be inspired by the love and dedication of the contributors. Feel the love.

About the Author

After much discussion about how to support Conservation efforts of The Global White Lion Protection Trust and the Leopard Conservation Project, Michele came across the idea of a Poetry and Artwork competition, resulting in this wonderful coffee table book.
Michele thanks all the amazing people that submitted their work - the quality is awesome!
Michele loved working on this project and is thrilled that all proceeds will go to these 2 amazing conservation efforts.

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