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The Aura-Soma Handbook - Mike Booth

Availability: In Stock
Author: Mike Booth
ISBN: 9781901232034
Format: Hard Cover

Price: R370.00

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Mike Booth

Guide to the basics of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders and Quintessences.



A useful practical guide to the basics of the foundation Aura-Soma Colour Care. Suitable for people beginning to explore the system.

With a new look front cover, this book is your comprehensive guide to the Aura-Soma Colour System and now comprises information for all current bottles and valuable updates including:

  • Descriptions and beautiful clear images for each of the Equilibrium bottles complete to B111
  • Revised keynotes and up-to-date names for the full set of bottles
  • Images of the Pomanders and Quintessences alongside their relevant information
  • Information on the Colour Rose, the Chakra man, a transcript of Mike’s 1998 talk given on the Subtle Anatomy of Man
  • Suitable for beginners and also a good reference for practitioners.


  • First published: 2000
  • Updated editions: 2005; 2014
  • Author: Mike Booth
  • Format: Hard Cover
  • ISBN-13: TBA

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