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Aura-Soma Etheric Rescue: Orange|Orange 25ml

Orange|Orange: Etheric Rescue

Associated with the Second Chakra and is applied in a specific way - down the left side of the body from the left ear-lobe to the left ankle, and around the lower abdominal area to include the back. Relates to:

  • Unresolved shock
  • Issues of dependency and co-dependency

Can help with:

  • Addressing issues of letting go of the past so that plans for today may be made
  • Issues of unresolved shock to the soul
  • Difficulties with relations
  • Anger

HOW TO USE: To release Equilibrium's energies, shake the bottle vigorously with your left hand until the two liquid fractions mix together. Pour some of the liquid into your palm and rub it on your skin in a complete band around the body at the level of the abdomen and also down the left side of the body, from behind the left ear, down the shoulder and arm to the hand; then from the chest under the left armpit all the way down to the left ankle. For external use only.

Penny on 02-02-2019 12:04 PM
Some feedback from my last order is that the Aura-Soma has worked in its wonderful way as usual.
My son came home looking extremely stressed. He used the Rescue in the evening and had a wonderfully long relaxed sleep and woke up looking a different person, and he hasn't looked back. He is using both the Etheric Rescue and the incenses that I ordered. (Orion & Angelica and Olive Green).
I can only say, thank goodness for Aura-Soma!
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