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Aura-Soma Kuthumi Quintessence 25ml

Communication between Heaven and Earth

COLOUR: Pale Yellow.

Kuthumi sounds like 'Come to me' and is considered an invocation of the positive energies of the future and invites enlightened self-knowledge. It heightens intuition to understand the divine plan from the angelic realms, and then ground it on earth. Kuthumi helps us to attune to the plant and mineral kingdom, whether in the activities of gardening, meditation or healing work. It allows the possibility of the release of negative self-consciousness so that positive self-awareness blossoms. It can be helpful in building understanding about science and mathematics.

Essential OilsJasmine, rose, honeysuckle

Equilibrium AssociationB51 and the colour Yellow

Crystal EnergiesTopaz

KeynoteTwo-way communication between Above and Below.

QualitiesThe use of this quintessence may help us to understand the potential of our human role within the divine plan as intermediaries between the angelic and the devic (nature) realms. This perception may be understood as a two-way communication from what is above (angelic) to what is below (devic), which may help us to intuit the Divine Plan and give it grounding on Earth (Gaia) through co-creation and reciprocal maintenance for the well-being of all. May offer a relatedness towards nature beings and spirits, as similar to St. Francis. May support and amplify an understanding of processes and how things are linked, as in the expression of forms and energies through science and number (5th century Pythagoras). Mental flexibility, clarity, open-mindedness and justice for the rights of others may also be stimulated and enhanced by its use.

HOW TO USE: Place three drops on your left wrist and gently rub the wrists together. Reach up above your head, offering the energies to the world, and then pass the hands through the aura crossing the wrists over each energy centre, folding the energies around you. Pause for a few moments over the heart centre before continuing, eventually offering the energies to the earth. Bring the hands back up in a backward spiral motion until you extend them above your head again, offering them to the world. Finally bring the palms together at the forehead and inhale three times deeply from between the wrists. Use as often as you wish.

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