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Equilibrium B116 Royal Blue over Magenta
Availability: Pre-Order

Price: $118.00

Queen Mab

Supports the need to stop losing ourselves in the outer world and to pay more attention to our inner being. The gift of redefining our priorities

AFFIRMATION: I trust my divine self and progress courageously.

  • Royal Blue invites us to see ourselves more clearly, and rather than focusing on the external projections of ourselves; it supports us to look within
  • Magenta shows us how important it is that we put our caring, our warmth, our love into the little things; to manifest that compassion towards ourselves and find a way to overcome our differences.
  • Provides an opportunity to delve deeply into ourselves, to arrive at all layers of our being in all-embracing love and gratitude for ourselves and our lives.

Shakes-to: Violet

Keynote: Revealing the way to the divine 'I AM'.

How to Use: Apply along the forehead and around the hairline to include the back of the neck.

Extended Keynote

Love for 'all that is' and the whole of existence flows through our heart and soul. Queen Mab leads us on the path of silent introspection, to live the divine love, down to the smallest details. Our sensitivity experiences an entirely new clarity and intensity; to recognise our purpose and be given the opportunity to love what is, in this life.

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