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Equilibrium B111 Royal Blue over Mid-Olive
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Price: $118.00

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Archangel Daniel

Clarity in relationship, marriage or partnership.

 AFFIRMATION: Letting go of bitterness, I step forward with clarity and vision.

  • To discriminate between what is real and what is not.
  • Helps to focus our dreams and intentions to actively materialise our dreams, without loss of time or energy.
  • Brings fluidity in communication, with qualities that include truth and harmony.
  • Daniel is a guardian, a protector, who inspires a peaceful and holistic way of life, in harmony with the earth.
  • Daniel brings inspiration for change, both internally and within our relationships in the world. He supports clarity in a relationship, allowing one to look very deeply into relationship issues in general, and also with one's partner.

Shakes-to: Royal - Turquoise

Keynote: Archangel Daniel supports us to let go of the pain and fear, hurts and betrayals of the past. He will inspire us to change within ourselves and in our relationship with the world to form healthy relationships with everything.

Set: Archangel Set

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the heart and solar plexus chakra, and the forehead

Extended Keynote

Not available as yet.

Supportive products that may be used with this bottle:

  • Olive Pomander
  • Holy Grail Quintessence
  • Olive Colour Essence
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