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Equilibrium B110 Pale Rose over Deep Magenta
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Price: $118.00

Archangel Ambriel

Forgiveness, the rescue of self-acceptance that we may love ourselves again.

AFFIRMATION: I love myself the way I am. I let go of all that is not of love in me.

  • Helps to rescue the love, the caring and the warmth within ourselves, so that we can fully accept ourselves. This can allow us to drop the masks we wear, helping to open the heart and mind and clear the space for the expression of our individual truth.
  • Helps to clear doubts that may obscure the path before us; doubts can lead to disbelief. Clearing confusion so that we gain clarity of the path ahead. Helps us hold faith and clarity while following our path, even when it is not considered a normal or traditional one.
  • Supports the nurturing of our gifts and living our dreams. The qualities of compassion, caring, affection and the subtleties of love help support us in being true to ourselves. It may also help us develop our latent inner gifts.
  • Helps one to hear what others say with a sense of non-attachment, love, caring and acceptance. Releasing judgement and connecting to deeper levels of our intuition, we are more able to overcome negativity and respond from our heart for the benefit of all concerned.
  • Can help one enter deeper levels of relaxation or meditation by facilitation the release of resistance and tension by letting go into love and warmth. This can help us be more receptive to our insights.

Shakes-to: Deep Pink

Keynote: Forgiveness, the rescue of self-acceptance that we may love ourselves again.

Set: Archangel Set | Rescue Set | Tantric Illumination Set

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the first / root chakra, along the hairline, or anywhere desired.

Extended Keynote

To be able to find caring, warmth and compassion towards the different aspects of ourselves as we awaken to the truth within the depths of ourselves.

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