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Equilibrium B34 Pink over Turquoise
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To recognize and remember the beauty within oneself.

AFFIRMATION: I see the beauty within myself.  I nourish myself with the warmth and caring which I see myself receiving wherever I am.

  • Appreciating beauty and aesthetics.
  • Embracing the beauty that arises from the emergence of self, through self-acceptance.
  • Learning to love and accept one's body, with all the imperfections.

Shakes-to: Light Violet

Keynote: Getting in touch with the beauty that emerges through self-acceptance from the feeling side of being.

72 Angels: Nelahel

How to Use: Apply in a band around the body to encompass the lower abdomen, 4th/heart chakra and 5th/throat chakra. Those interested in dream work have found it useful to apply along the hairline.

Extended Keynote

Brings a love of beauty and aesthetics, which fosters a sense of the beauty within and the ability to guide others toward the beauty within themselves. Compassion (pink) and inspiration (turquoise) from the heart come together to inspire creative communication of warmth and caring. An immersion into and emergence from the mysterious ocean of life - love being born from the feeling depths of the collective.

Supportive products that may be used with this bottle:

  • Turquoise Pomander
  • Maha Chohan Quintessence
  • Turquoise Colour Essence
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