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Aura-Soma Star Child Rescue: Blue|Pink 25ml

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Price: R480.00

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Bring Peace and Love to the Child and Inner Child

One of the New Aeon Child Set and associated with the Crown Chakra. Relates to:

  • Calming children in distress
  • Working with the inner child
  • Communication of peace and love for self and others
  • Unconditional self-acceptance

Can help with:

  • Promoting feelings of warmth and love of a child with a child's potential for forgiveness
  • The need to resolve issues from childhood
  • Assertiveness
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-acceptance

HOW TO USE: To release Equilibrium's energies, shake the bottle vigorously with your left hand until the two liquid fractions mix. Pour some of the liquid into your palm and rub it on your skin in a complete bane around the body at the level of the hairline, or anywhere that you are drawn to do so. For external use only.

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