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Aura-Soma ArchAngeloi Chamael 20ml

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Price: R710.00

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Caring in What One Does

Theme: A knowing that all is perfect in being as it is.

Archangel Chamael enhances one's sense of caring in what one does. The energies within this Essence may help towar breaking the barriers of preferential activity, that we may:

  • Appreciate the beauty in everything around us;
  • Connect with unconditional love and divine love;
  • Learn self-acceptance and to love ourselves.

 HOW TO USE: Spray the liquid essence above the head three times - once to the left of the head, once directly above and once to the right. Extend the arms upwards in a cup shape and allow the energies to descend into the auric field. Gently bring the hands together over the heart centre and hold for a few moments before unfolding them down to the sides. If you wish to, you may extend the hands downwards toward the ground, honouring all that exists between heaven and earth.

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