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Aura-Soma Products Green Pomander AirCon 20ml SPACE & DECISIONS.. Product #: PCS10 based on 0 reviews Regular price: R340.00 R340.00 In Stock

Aura-Soma Green AirCon: 20ml

Availability: In Stock

Price: R340.00

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Space and Decisions

Green - Finding oneโ€™s own space, going to the heart of things

Fragrance: Fresh, Herbal, Woodsy

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Bergamot, Menthol

Designed to be sprayed in your space, at home or at work.

Finding our own space; going to the heart of things.

  • Encourages clarity of communication in one's feelings.
  • Helps to find the space to find our own way and free ourselves of old ideas.
  • Helpful when we have 'no room to breathe'.
  • Enhances the ability to stand up for one's truth.
  • Anti-pollutant and disinfectant - can help to clear negative emotions in this way.
  • Helps with claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
  • Supports decision-making processes.

HOW TO USE: On first use, spray once into each corner of the room and once into the centre of the room. Thereafter refresh by spraying into the room as often as required or desired.

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