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AllisOne Synergy Collection Biochemic Cell Salts 180s

Availability: In Stock

Price: R1,674.00

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6 AllisOne Synergy Tissue Salts

The set contains the following:

  • Arthro Synergy to condition the joints, and also for athletic performance
  • Beauty Synergy for skin, hair and nail care for all ages;  formulated for optimal ageing
  • Immuno Synergy to assist the respiratory and immune systems
  • Osteo Synergy for bones and teeth; for growing children and teething babies as well as older, weaker bones
  • Pure Synergy to harmonise the liver, pancreas and digestive system; also assists during menopause or breakouts
  • Rescue Synergy to nourish the nervous system and the heart

Please see each individual item for more detail.

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