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AllisOne Products Arthro Synergy: 180s JOINT VENTURE.. Product #: APTS18 based on 1 reviews Regular price: R279.00 R279.00 In Stock

AllisOne Arthro Synergy Biochemic Cell Salts 180s

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Price: R279.00

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Joint Venture

Mobility and Endurance

Reduces inflammation, oxygenates and lubricates the articulatory system. A useful tonic for athletes during training and sports endurance events; or when muscles and joints become stiff after exertion or excercise. Assists in the treatment of prediagnosed arthritis and gout.*

Arthro Synergy is a good tonic for sportsmen and women in that it promotes aerobic function of the muscles. During endurance events they should be used every 20 - 30 mins, or dissolved in a water bottle and sipped frequently. If prone to muscle cramping, add Mag Phos or Osteo Synergy.

Arthro Synergy contains the equivalent of five individual tissue salts:

  • Calc Fluor D6
  • Kali Sulph D6
  • Nat Phos D6
  • Silicea D6
  • Ferrum Phos D6

Consult your practitioner if symptoms persist after *6 weeks.


Celia on 12-19-2018 10:43 AM
Toby, my male Labrador dog, who is around ten years old, was really battling with painful hind legs and walked like an old boy. I have been giving him three Arthro Synergy and three Osteo Synergy, twice daily with his food since mid-October, and I cannot believe the difference it has made in these 2 months. He is bouncing around like a puppy. Thanks for a wonderful product.
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