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Aura soma

6 months 1 week ago #216 by Hinda
Aura soma was created by Hinda
Hi Alison,
Q1 Can I use more than one pomander in the EQ, pomander, quintessence sequence?
Q2 I read that EQ are advised to be used within 7 that the same for the pomanders and quintessence? 
Q3 Lastly the rescue bottles...can they be used separate for EQ, especially if they are different?

Thanks very much.

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5 months 4 weeks ago #221 by Alison Effting
Replied by Alison Effting on topic Aura soma
Hi Hinda

My apologies that I somehow missed this notification until today!

There is no time limit, even for the Equilibrium, and you certainly can use more than one pomander or quintessence whilst you are busy with your process.

I think that the "7 weeks" time recommendation can be considered a rough guideline, but some of the bottles get applied to much smaller areas than others and so naturally will last a little longer. I like to use the rule of being consistent with the use and apply the contents of the bottle until it is finished, before starting a new Equilibrium journey. I (and many others) have sometimes used two at a time for special processes, so that isn't a hard rule either. Generally one of the Equilibrium bottles at a time is enough to work with.

You can always apply the Rescues at any time necessary, with your chosen Equilibrium at the time. You can choose different times of day if you wish, or apply them to the areas as recommended or desired at the same time. I always think the recommended area should be included, but if you wish to apply more to other areas, e.g. massage the feet or apply all over the limbs, you can follow what feels appropriate for you.

I hope that helps!

With very best wishes,

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