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Tummy pain

  • Anneli
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2 months 1 week ago #157 by Anneli
Tummy pain was created by Anneli
Hi Alison
Every now and then my children will compain of tummy pain or sometimes a headache. I know its not serious because if I rub on essential oils or give a warm water bottle it is gone
What would a good tissue salt or blend be to give and how wil you give it and for how long

Also. I have starter a health shop at home - natural solutions for healthy families. I am working through Natural Wholesalers and would love to stock some of your products. What would you recommend is valuable to keep in your house when you have small childen
Thank you!

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2 months 1 week ago #158 by Alison Effting
Replied by Alison Effting on topic Tummy pain
Hi Anneli

The general remedy for tummy ache is Mag Phos . It is a great anti-spasmodic and has a relaxing and calming effect physically and emotionally. It worked for my children to take them in the usual way - depending on age 1-3 tablets repeated at 10 - 15-minute intervals if the ache persists. Some people prefer crushing and dissolving them in a little hot water, reduced to lukewarm, and sipped slowly; about seven tablets to a cup of water, or about four tablets to ½ of a cup of water or two tabs to ¼ cup should suffice for a smaller child.

Tension headaches are related to Mag Phos too, so when a headache accompanies a tummy ache, it may do the trick.

The primary first-aid salt that addresses most headaches, especially around the forehead or eyes, is Ferrum Phos .
Other headaches can be due to dehydration - Nat Mur , exhaustion Kali Phos , noise or light sensitivity, or clamp-like headaches - Silicea .

These are all useful to keep handy with children in the home. Calc Phos is considered to be the primary remedy of choice for growing children.

Some people like to keep Immuno Synergy , Rescue Synergy for minor first-aid applications and Osteo Synergy as a general tonic for their growing children. It really just depends what you wish to address for the particular situation.

Hope that helps you on your journey!

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