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  • Colourful Health at a Cellular Level

    by Suzanne Ellisand edited by Monica Fairall
    Published by the Health Products Association of South Africa: HPASA HEADLINES Edition #18: June 2009

    TISSUE salts were formulated way back in the 1870s by Dr W.H. Schuessler. Now, more than 120 years later, a Cape Town based natural health practitioner has taken them to a new level.

    Radiographer Alison Effting became enamoured with Biochemic Tissue Salts when, in 1993, they were a healing catalyst for a personal health crisis that had not responded to conventional treatment. “It seemed too simple that supplementation with these fundamental mineral energies could make such a difference to my health,” Effting reflects. "Given that I was allopathically trained, this came as a huge revelation to me.”