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Rejuvenating the bio-energetic field is a holistic wellbeing and integrative health concept, comprising of non-intrusive, complementary, natural modalities in order to optimize health and experience a better quality of life. The modalities we employ are de-stressing, rejuvenating and self-empowering. They have an effect on the human electromagnetic field, harmonizing the resonant frequencies in the energy field and the cells, thus facilitating the healthy flow of energy in the human body. Each modality is independent and significant in its own right, having its own area of focus and effect, yet can be employed interdependently with one another.

In order to understand this process, one needs to perceive the human body holistically as an energy-exchanging system. Although the physical body has been investigated extensively over the last centuries, it has been understood in terms of Newtonian mechanistic views. In the last century we have had the incredible findings of sub-atomic particle physics, changing scientific understanding of how energy and the universe work. These quantum findings challenge us to come to new physiological understandings of the processes of the human body.

What this brings us to is recognising that physical or psychological problems often have their origin in underlying emotional or mental stress patterns: the body-mind connection. Our thoughts and feelings create resonance patterns of energy that precede manifestation on a physical level. Stressed resonance patterns create congestion in the electromagnetic fields surrounding the body, affecting the flow of energy available to the physical body. It is as if we plug some of our energy into keeping the stress patterns under control and then have less energy available to run our cellular tissues on.

The first physical signs of imbalance are those of aging and feeling stressed - putting the body into a state of disharmony, and out of its natural state of ease. This may eventually become chronic and result in physical signs and symptoms if the underlying negative stress patterns are not released. We address the physical imbalance at a cellular level with the use of Biochemic Tissue Salts which provide the essential inorganic minerals to the cells in an energy form.

The underlying emotional and mental stress patterns are identified and released with Aura-Soma therapeutic colour, allowing movement toward a natural state of well being, and realigning with our potential. The use of the selected colour products releases the congestion in the energy field with the energies of colour and light, crystal and plant energies in sympathetic resonance.

Both of these modalities are independent in their own right and have their own unique value. It is not essential for our clients to use both, however it is our recommendation. Our experience and feedback has shown that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts… there is a unique synergy between AllisOne Tissue Salts and Aura-Soma Colour that enhances the process of rehabilitation of the body-mind.

It’s always non-intrusive, and always a matter of personal choice!

 The Human Energy FieldThe human energy field is often referred to as the he subtle body, or the invisible part of the body. It consists of various subtle fields according to electromagnetic frequency and resonance patterns which interpenetrate one another and the physical body in all dimensions. Energy flows through them  to (and from) the energy centres and the meridians of the body.

The subtle bodies are represented in the diagram. Life-force energy should flow freely throughout the body-mind and be exchanged once again to the universal field of energy. This works well until we become stressed or dispirited. Stress can be of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature, and one of the major causes of electromagnetic stress is the invisible frequencies of technology that we are exposed to in this day and age – electrical appliances, computers, mobile telephones, wireless communications and so on.

Every thought we think and emotion we feel has an electromagnetic component to it. Scientific machines can measure the state of tension or relaxation of the body-mind. The electro-cardiogram gives a waveform picture of heartbeat, the electro-encephalogram one of the brain activity. The polygraph machine shows differences related to stress when one tells the truth or not. Every cell has its own unique resonance, and the sum of our stresses and strains, joys and sorrows affects the vibrancy of the energy field.

Our thoughts and feelings should flow freely, but when we experience a disempowering situation, they get 'stuck', and we become emotional (e-motion = without motion). In order to protect ourselves from this pain, we create a subconscious memory, so that we are forewarned when that emotional button gets pushed again sometime in the future. We hold the tension of unexpressed emotion.

This memory creates a distortion in the resonance of the energy field, and is part of our reactive self-preserving mechanism. The first bits of the energetic buffer are put in place to keep us safe from the world out there, and when similar new emotional situations are experienced, the pattern is reinforced and the congestion intensifies.

This results in conditioned responses that become normal patterns of behaviour for the person concerned. Very often these buffers have been put in place from the time that we were pre-verbal infants. Consciously we may be aware of the existence of the walls we build around ourselves, although their foundations lie deep within the subconscious mind, and we are not aware of why we react to certain circumstances in the way that we do.

Some of our precious Life Force energy that is meant to nourish our physical tissues gets diverted into these memories to keep the walls in place, and after some time this distortion in the energy field becomes experienced physically in one way or another. This is how, as the medical intuitive and author Carolyn Myss famously teaches, 'Your biography becomes your biology'.

In order to release the congestion and harmonize the resonance of the energy field, we use the electromagnetic energy of colour and light, crystals, herbs and essential oils in the beautiful jewel colours of Aura-Soma – a safe and delightful 'radiation treatment' for the energy field.