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The Colours You Choose Reflect Your Needs

The visible spectrum of light that supports all life on earth holds the secret of the electromagnetic energies of colour that surround us. Looking at the vibrant yellow of the sunflower, the soft blue of the sky or the energetic reds and oranges of a tropical sunset evoke a different responses within us; one can sense the life within a glowing green plant and the serenity emanating from a translucent pool of pure water. Colour is a key ingredient in how we form our feelings toward something.

In working with Aura-Soma, one soon begins to realise that these colour energies represent more than meets the eye. We are all aware that when we are happy we seem to glow with radiance, and when we become stressed, we begin to feel a little off-colour, washed out or bleak. The word 'Aura' means light, 'Soma' means body; thus we are addressing the vibrancy of the light-body or bio-energetic field when using Aura-Soma products, helping to restore our inner glow.

What is the essence of the Aura-Soma system?

The AURA-SOMA Colour-Care System is developed to capture the profound colour energies of nature and use them as a tool to discover more about ourselves. In the past, people have relied on others to tell them what to do and what they need. The AURA-SOMA system is non-intrusive, and can empower the individual to make the appropriate decisions for oneself.

How does it work?

To begin the journey of self-discovery through colour, one chooses the four most appealing bottles from the set of more than one hundred colour combinations. One person may be drawn to the vibrant sunshine yellows, yet their friend may prefer the refreshing shades of green. The choices that we make reflect our unique character, talents and challenges. Once we have selected four bottles, it becomes possible to identify which colour products will be most beneficial for personal use.

More Info

Follow the star to see the benefits and qualities of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium oils.

Aura-Soma Short Courses

  • Aura-Soma Courses +

    Aura-Soma™ Colour Training courses have been taught since 1983 and have become a colour phenomenon that has encircled the world. Read More
  • Aura-Soma Level 1 +

    Level 1 Foundation Prerequisites Before commencing the Training the Student will need to sign the Student Agreement and give it Read More
  • Aura-Soma Level 2 +

    Level 2 Intermediate Prerequisites The prerequisite for attending the Level 2 Intermediate course is completion of the Level 1 Foundation Read More
  • Aura-Soma Level 3 +

    Level 3 Advanced Prerequisites The prerequisites to attending the Level 3 Advanced course are: Completion of the Level 1 Foundation Read More
  • Aura-Soma Level 4 +

    Level 4 Thesis Prerequisites The prerequisite is completion of the previous three levels of the Training. Aims Level 4 can Read More
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